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KimberlyWimbish is known as the People Connector. She can take any brand, person,place, cause, or mission to create the vision you want, with the resourcesneeded to be successful. Kimberly is a mother first, entrepreneur,businesswoman, a graduate of Norfolk State University and she will finish inMay 2021 with a master’s in strategic publicrelations from George WashingtonUniversity.

Most recently, she is a 2020 recipient of Inside BusinessForty Under 40 for outstanding young business professionals in Hampton Roads.While moving & shaking the community she uses her savvy marketing skills& innovative approach to do the back-end work for her clients. They includemany nonprofit organizations, small businesses, college universities, celebrityclients, sports management marketing, political campaigns, and corporateindustry branding.Giving back to the less fortunate, in the community, is alwaysa priority.

Kimberly was the spokesperson for Ashanti Billie,which resulted, in the National AshantiAlert Act in the United States. This Actsupports persons, who are reported, as missingin the age group between 18-64.On December 31, 2019, the President signed offon the federal legislation to be active in all states, for those adults who arerecognized to be critically missing or in danger within 24hrs of a mysteriousdisappearance.

Kimberly’s work has appeared on a multitude of nationalplatforms. Her diverse portfolio of connections has landed her clients in anarray of national media outlets, publications, and radio programming. Just toname a few including Fox News, CNN, BET, Essence, Ebony, Jet, CBN, WashingtonPost, Vibe, Source, New York Times, Guardian, and others. Her valuablerelationships are not only credible, but they are also endless.  Kimberly has built a substantial amount ofalliances with the local news, media, radio, podcasts, and newspaper, whichare, all on her extensive rolodex too.

Kimberly has dedicated her life to paving a way for others,being a mentor and servant to those in need. Her passion is to use her ties tomake a better place for all. Kimberly’s work has only begun. We look forward toseeing what the future holds for her and the lives she will touch.