KMK Productions is a full service boutique public relations firm that specializes in cause marketing. We create new, and enhance existing, programs to meet business objectives, and enhance brand equity. Our proven process is customized to work with small businesses, new entrepreneurs or established large corporate companies to develop dynamic business strategies and initiatives that are credible and impact driven.

We develop massive media campaigns and launch high-end products, sell out non-profit events and rebuild your company presence. We open new restaurants and highlight feminine boutiques. We can tweet, blog and manage your life and your companies life on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Our multi-generational team is one of our largest assets. We’re on top of the latest trends driven by our younger generation and at the same time our seasoned experts lead us out the door to do business the old-fashioned way with a handshake and a great smile.


We understand what the media wants and journalists trust the information we provide. We’ve cultivated relationships with key local and regional media that ensure our client’s story is told with care. Our personal touch makes certain the proper message is delivered to the right people through the best medium.


Tweet? Poke? Follow? Friends listen to friends, and social media is the way people are talking these days. Plug into the new frontier of social media marketing and create an invaluable online network that enhances your web presence. We’ll get you setup and manage your social media campaigns for you.


We help clients become engaged with their local community. Through community outreach, KMK can help you become a trusted resource and a community advocate. Let us connect you to our network of high profile arts, environmental, animal advocacy, mental health and children’s community organizations to make an impact.


Your event should make a lasting memory. Our event planning and marketing team pulls together all the details to make your event unforgettable. From choosing the best venue and designing invitations to ensuring the attendance of key influencers and coverage by the media, we’ve got you covered


KMK can provide public relations and branding for your nonprofit that offers a low-cost means for gaining public attention. Through media relations (including, but not limited to press releases), speaking events, networking and fundraising events, nonprofit organizations can get rise above the fray and become noticed by the people who matter: potential clients, donors, volunteers and employees.

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