Banister Nissan Chesapeake & Norfolk, VA locations - Rebranding and Building Partnerships for Minority-Owned Dealerships


Banister Nissan faced the challenge of rebranding and establishing its identity as a minority-owned dealership while maintaining the credibility of the well-known Nissan brand. With new ownership under Dan Banister, there was a need to merge the legacy of Nissan with the owner's name and create a cohesive brand image.


KMK Productions devised a comprehensive strategy to address the challenge, focusing on building partnerships and engaging the community. The following approaches were implemented:

1. Grand Opening Event:

KMK Productions organized a grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony to introduce the new ownership, staff, sales team, and dealership facilities to the community. The event aimed to create a personal connection between the owner, stakeholders, elected officials, and influential social media figures.

2. Digital Content Marketing:

To establish a strong digital presence, KMK Productions created compelling content to engage consumers across various channels. Collaborating with industry experts, they developed informative blog posts to attract new audiences. By leveraging young, exciting talent, the brand reached wider demographics.

3. Promotions and Giveaways:

Leading up to the grand opening, KMK Productions launched unique promotions and giveaways on multiple platforms, including a dedicated mobile app. These initiatives aimed to generate excitement and engage customers through diverse marketing channels.


Through a combination of strategic initiatives, Banister Nissan successfully achieved its rebranding goals and built meaningful partnerships:

1. Rebranding Success:

The collaboration between Banister Nissan and KMK Productions ensured a smooth rebranding process, merging the legacy of the Nissan brand with the identity of the minority-owned dealership. This cohesive approach maintained the credibility and trust associated with Nissan while showcasing the new ownership.

2. Community Engagement:

The grand opening event and ribbon-cutting ceremony provided an opportunity for the community to meet the owner, staff, and sales team. It created a personal connection and fostered community support for the minority-owned dealership.

3. Digital Marketing Impact:

Through content marketing efforts, Banister Nissan established a strong digital presence, engaging consumers across various channels. The strategic use of blogs, promotions, and giveaways increased brand visibility and attracted new customers.

Services Provided by KMK Productions:

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony:

Organizing and executing a grand opening event to introduce the new ownership and dealership facilities to the community.

VIP Reception:

Hosting a special reception to engage key stakeholders, elected officials, and social media influencers.

Project Management:

Overseeing the planning and coordination of the rebranding process and grand opening event.

Content Marketing:

Creating compelling and informative blog posts to engage consumers and establish a strong digital presence.

Community Engagement:

Implementing strategies to foster community support and involvement, generating positive brand perception.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Incorporating initiatives that align with Banister Nissan's commitment to giving back to the community.

Public Relations:

Managing communication and media relations to enhance brand reputation and increase visibility.

Print Media:

Creating visually captivating print materials to promote the rebranding and grand opening event.


Capturing high-quality videos to showcase the dealership and the owner's story.


Capturing impactful photographs to document the grand opening event and promote the dealership's brand image.

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