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Banister Nissan Chesapeake & Norfolk Locations


Even household names like Nissan rely on content marketing to support their brand and boost customer engagement. Dan Banister became sole owner of not one but two Nissan dealerships at the same time. The opposition was to take a name like Nissan that has been around from decades and collaborate it with the owner’s name, still maintaining the credibility of the brand.


Hosted a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony to allow individuals to meet the owner, staff, sales team and tour the dealership. We invited the community at large, key stakeholders, elected officials and social media influencers. With car sales steadily declining over the years we wanted to create something iconic that the car manufacturer could fully embrace digital channel outreach to help turn the tide back in its favor under the new ownership.


The idea was simply to tell the story of the owner and the brand: Create compelling content to help build a digital presence and engage consumers on a wider variety of channels directing them to follow Banister Nissan. How the brand went about achieving that goal was a little more complex. We used a network of experts to in the auto industry to write blogs. It helped by cultivating young, exciting talent to help reach new audiences. Under the new brand name leading up to the grand opening we launched unique promotions and giveaways on different platforms, including their personal dedicated mobile app. We really took advantage of just about every conceivable form of media at its disposal.

Banister Nissan Chesapeake & Norfolk Locations
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, VIP Reception, Project Management, Content Marketing, Public Relations, Print Media, Videography, Photography