Hampton Roads Pride Festival - Increasing Diversity, College Student Engagement, and Family-Friendly Atmosphere


Hampton Roads Pride, an organization hosting an annual festival in support of national Pride month, recognized the need to attract a more diverse audience, including African Americans and college students. They also aimed to create a family-friendly atmosphere to encourage attendance from individuals of all ages.


KMK Productions, in collaboration with Hampton Roads Pride, implemented a comprehensive strategy to address the challenge. The following approaches were employed:

1. Pop-up Events:

KMK Productions organized pop-up events in multiple cities across Hampton Roads to raise awareness about the annual Pride festival. These events served as promotional platforms, engaging diverse communities and spreading the word about the festival's inclusivity.

2. College Campus Collaborations:

A partnership was forged with local Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), including Norfolk State University and Hampton University. This collaboration aimed to promote Pride events on college campuses, specifically targeting college students and encouraging their active participation.

3. Targeted Social Media Campaigns:

KMK Productions leveraged social media platforms to specifically target a younger audience. Through strategic social media posts, engaging content, and targeted advertising, they recruited volunteers and built a sense of community and excitement surrounding the festival.

4. Amplifying Voices and Personal Stories:

KMK Productions used their platform to amplify messages of inclusivity and acceptance. They shared personal stories from young people in the LGBTQ+ community, highlighting their experiences, struggles, and triumphs. These stories served as a call to action, inspiring others to attend the festival and support the cause.

5. Family-Friendly Activities:

KMK Productions worked with Hampton Roads Pride to introduce family-oriented activities at the festival. They implemented play areas, interactive games, and other attractions specifically designed for children. These additions created a welcoming and enjoyable environment for families.


Through the combined efforts of KMK Productions and Hampton Roads Pride, the following solutions were implemented:

1. High-profile Entertainment:

KMK Productions secured nationally recognized entertainment artist Jussie Smollett as a performer for the festival. This high-profile addition enhanced the festival's appeal and attracted significant attention from diverse audiences.

2. Social Media Engagement:

The strategic social media campaign, combined with the amplification of personal stories, resulted in over 100,000 engagements, creating widespread buzz and anticipation for the festival. Social media platforms became key communication channels to engage with the target audience, share updates, and promote inclusivity.

3. Increased Attendance:

Through the implementation of various strategies, the festival witnessed a substantial increase in attendance. The number of attendees surged from 30,000 to 70,000, marking the most diverse and family-friendly festival in its 30-year history.

Services Provided by KMK Productions:

Public Relations:

Crafting and executing strategic communication plans to enhance visibility, engagement, and inclusivity.

Project Management:

Overseeing all aspects of the project, ensuring seamless coordination, and successful execution.

Event Planning:

Organizing and managing the logistics of pop-up events, festival activities, and family-oriented attractions.

Social Media Campaign:

Strategically targeting and engaging the desired audience through compelling social media content, community-building efforts, and promoting a family-friendly atmosphere.


Capturing and producing visually captivating video content to document the events, performances, and festival highlights.


Capturing vibrant and impactful photographs to showcase the festival's atmosphere, diverse attendees, and family-oriented activities.

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