Rivers Casino Portsmouth - Grand Opening, Community Engagement, and Minority Investor Partnerships


Rivers Casino Portsmouth faced the challenge of opening the first-ever casino in the 767 area of the Hampton Roads region, located in Portsmouth, VA. The objectives included ensuring community awareness of job opportunities, hosting job fairs to fill 1,400 positions, building strong relationships in the community, promoting visibility, securing minority investors, and contributing to causes that mattered to the community.


KMK Productions worked closely with the leadership team of Rivers Casino Portsmouth to develop a comprehensive strategy to address the opening challenges and community engagement. The following approaches were implemented:

1. Introducing the Leadership Team:

KMK Productions facilitated introductions between the leadership team of Rivers Casino Portsmouth and key stakeholders in the community. This allowed for personal connections and fostered trust and collaboration.

2. Influencer Engagement and Promotion:

KMK Productions identified and engaged with key influencers in the area to promote Rivers Casino Portsmouth. These influencers were strategically involved in creating buzz and excitement through social media campaigns and targeted promotions.

3. Private Events for Organizations and Community Leaders:

KMK Productions organized private events at the casino venue specifically for organizations, corporations, nonprofits, and community leaders. These events served as opportunities to showcase the casino's offerings, build relationships, and generate support within the community.

4. Minority Investor Partnerships:

KMK Productions actively sought out and established relationships with potential minority investors who were interested in becoming owners of Rivers Casino Portsmouth. Through targeted outreach and relationship-building efforts, KMK Productions successfully achieved the goal of bringing in minority investors.


Through strategic planning and effective implementation, KMK Productions achieved the following outcomes for Rivers Casino Portsmouth:

1. Successful Job Recruitment:

The job fairs organized by KMK Productions in collaboration with Rivers Casino Portsmouth resulted in successfully filling 1,400 positions. These opportunities provided employment to individuals in the community and contributed to economic growth.

2. Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Ceremony:

KMK Productions orchestrated a memorable ribbon-cutting and grand opening ceremony for Rivers Casino Portsmouth. This event generated significant media coverage, creating visibility and excitement for the casino.

3. Minority Investor Partnerships:

With KMK Productions' efforts in identifying and cultivating relationships with potential minority investors, Rivers Casino Portsmouth successfully secured minority investors as owners. This achievement promoted diversity and inclusion within the ownership structure of the casino.

Services Provided by KMK Productions:

Social Media Management

Strategically managing social media channels to promote job opportunities, engage with the community, and create buzz around the casino's opening.

Cause Marketing

Identifying causes and initiatives that resonated with the community and developing marketing campaigns to highlight the casino's support for those causes.

Grassroots Organizing

Planning and executing grassroots initiatives to engage the community, raise awareness, and promote the casino's opening.

Community Outreach

Establishing connections with community organizations, nonprofits, and leaders to foster relationships and build support.

Event Planning

Organizing private events for organizations, corporations, nonprofits, and community leaders to introduce and showcase the casino's offerings and build relationships.

Public Relations

Crafting and executing strategic communication plans to enhance visibility, manage media relations, and disseminate information about the casino's opening.

Stakeholder Engagement

Facilitating introductions and establishing connections between the casino's leadership team and key stakeholders in the community.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives within the casino's hiring process, community engagement, partnerships, and ownership structure.

Job Recruitment/Staffing

Organizing job fairs and recruitment initiatives to fill 1,400 positions, ensuring opportunities were accessible to the community.

Investor Partnerships

Identifying and securing minority investors to participate in the ownership of Rivers Casino Portsmouth.

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