Hampton Healthy Families - Rebranding and Enhanced Visibility


Hampton Healthy Families, a long-standing government agency serving the community for over two decades, faced the challenge of rebranding and increasing visibility as their 25th-anniversary milestone approached. The program directors aimed to revitalize the organization's image and highlight organizational changes.


KMK Productions developed a comprehensive strategy to address the rebranding challenge and improve visibility. The following approaches were implemented:

1. Rebranding Strategy:

KMK Productions worked closely with the in-house marketing department to create a new name, symbol, and design that would differentiate Hampton Healthy Families from competitors in the market. The rebranding concept was carefully managed from start to finish, ensuring a seamless transition.

2. Virtual Strategists and Social Media Management:

KMK Productions assigned virtual strategists to manage Hampton Healthy Families' social media channels. This involved improving the organization's online presence, interacting with social media users, and creating appealing content that resonated with the target audience.

3. Community Events and Outreach:

KMK Productions curated a series of small events leading up to the 25th-anniversary celebration to generate increased visibility and foster community connections. These events provided opportunities for individuals unfamiliar with the organization to develop relationships with program leaders.

4. National Press Campaign:

To share Hampton Healthy Families' story and highlight their work over the past decades, KMK Productions launched a national press campaign. Exclusive interviews were secured for the program directors to discuss the future of the organization, allowing the public to get to know the corporate leaders' roles.


Through a combination of strategic initiatives, KMK Productions successfully executed the rebranding efforts and enhanced visibility for Hampton Healthy Families:

1. Successful Rebrand Launch:

The new name, symbol, and design were carefully crafted to represent the organization's mission and values. KMK Productions managed the rebranding process, ensuring a cohesive and impactful transition that captured attention and differentiated Hampton Healthy Families in the market.

2. Improved Online Presence and Engagement:

By managing the organization's social media channels, KMK Productions increased online engagement, interacted with social media users, and shared appealing content. This strategy helped to strengthen relationships and attract a wider audience.

3. Community Engagement and Event Planning:

Curating small events leading up to the anniversary celebration fostered community connections and increased visibility. Individuals had the opportunity to learn more about Hampton Healthy Families and develop relationships with program leaders.

4. National Press Coverage:

The national press campaign showcased the organization's history and achievements. Exclusive interviews with program directors allowed for in-depth discussions on the future of Hampton Healthy Families, increasing awareness and understanding among the public.

Services Provided by KMK Productions:

Social Media Management:

Strategically managing social media channels to improve online presence and engagement.

Grassroots Organizing:

Planning and executing community events and grassroots initiatives to foster community connections and increase visibility.

Community Outreach:

Engaging with the community through various channels to share information and build relationships.

Event Planning:

Curating and organizing events leading up to the anniversary celebration, creating opportunities for interaction and visibility.

Nonprofit Strategy:

Developing strategies to support the organizational goals of Hampton Healthy Families.

Project Management:

Overseeing the rebranding process and managing all aspects of the project to ensure a successful launch.

Content Marketing:

Creating compelling and informative content to engage the target audience and promote the organization's mission.

Public Relations:

Crafting and executing strategic communication plans to enhance visibility and reputation.

Print Media:

Designing and producing printed materials to support the rebranding efforts and promote the anniversary celebration.


Capturing high-quality videos to document events and create promotional content.


Capturing impactful photographs to showcase the organization's work and events.

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