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Hampton Healthy Families


Rebranding a government agency that had been servicing the community for over two decades. The 25th year anniversary was approaching, and the program directors wanted to enhance visibility and focus on organizational change.


We came in to change the process of corporate image of an organization. We created a strategy to create a new name, symbol, a change in design for an already-established brand. The idea behind rebranding is to create a different identity for a brand, from its competitors, in the market. Carefully managed the rebrand concept from start to finish. Collaberated with the inhouse marketing department. Managed the rebrand carefully each step during the process.


We started by understanding the mission and values of the company. Developed new tools for people to connect with the organizations programs and resources. Our virtual strategists managed their social media channels to improve the online presence of Hampton Healthy Families. By managing the social media we were able to interact with social media users as they responded to appealing content. We curated several small events to lead up to the 25 year anniversary to gain more visibility. Those that were unfamiliar with the organization were able to have opportunities to develop a relationship with program leaders. Launched a national press campaign to tell the story of the organization and the history of their work over the last few decades. Secured exclusive interviews for the program directors to discuss the future of the organization which also offered an opportunity to get to know the roles of the corporate leaders. Successfully launched the rebrand and shared the story with the world.

Hampton Healthy Families
Social Media Management, Grassroots Organizing, Community Outreach, Event Planning, Nonprofit Strategy, Project Management, Content Marketing, Public Relations, Print Media, Videography, Photography